Recruiting general accountants

tuyển dụng
1.1 Information
– Position: Team Leader
– Experience: More than 2 years of experience
– Type of work: Full-time, fixed
– Required degree: University or higher
– Requirement gender: Male
– Quantity to be recruited: 1 candidate
– Probation period: 2 months
– Profession: Finance
– Field: Financial specialist
– Wage agreement
1.2 Job Description
– Check, control the accounting and handle arising transactions.
– Control, store and check the reasonableness, legality and transparency of documents.
– Monitor and control revenue and expenditure.
– Working with tax authorities and banks.
– Carrying out procedures related to loans and mortgage of goods.
– Prepare and summarize annual financial statements.
– Manage, control and guide accounting staff.
– Print and store all accounts in accordance with regulations.
– Provide information and advice on accounting and finance for Chief Accountant, Director.
– Follow up and make payment procedures for foreign customers.
– Other work under the direction of Chief Accountant
1.3 Job Requirements
– Foreign language: Level B or equivalent or higher
– Informatics: Proficient in using office computers and management software.
– Skill :
+ Good management skills
+ Communication skills
+ Strong analytical and statistical skills
+ Planning skills
– Personality :
+ Careful, honest, accurate, not local
+ Good control, creativity, can withstand high pressure at work
1.4 Benefits to enjoy
– Salary + Bonus + Attractive commission
– Enjoy other full benefits
– Working and interacting with many CEOs, officials of various departments
1.5 Profile includes
– Job application.
– Curriculum vitae.
– Household registration, identity card and health certificate.
– The relevant qualifications.

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