Fast home collection/online payment, dedicated 24/7 support from network specialists of Thanh Cong Corpoation
Collection of charges at home: go to the customer’s requested address to collect phone charges for the customer, cancel the debt and issue an invoice at the customer’s request
Online payment: Customers only need a few steps on the phone or on the web to pay online fees to TCC’s account, the debt will be paid immediately, the invoice will be sent directly to the email without the need for payment. No need to go to the store
Account Number : 100003222 (EXIMBANK –  PHAN ĐINH PHUNG)

Customers will be able to check monthly charges and send periodic statements

Track charges to help customers, send a list of charges, promptly notify when charges arise unexpectedly, helping customers control their monthly charge needs.

Discounts and attractive gifts on every holiday of the year:

  • TCC offers discounts when customers pay directly to TCC through wire transfer or cash collection for customers who use high rates.
  • Depending on each holiday, there is a policy of giving gifts to loyal customers of TCC

Unblock due to unpaid bills or roaming charges
Support to open the machine urgently when payment is late, locked due to over limit, open address verification at addresses in the area. Or when customers are roaming internationally to help customers stay in touch in all aspects

Support to choose a beautiful sim card and connect to the network New subscribers, advice on packages suitable for all customer needs

TCC supports customers to choose a beautiful, easy-to-remember number when customers have a need to connect to a new network, customers will receive a list of sim numbers to choose from depending on their preferences, feng shui… TCC will introduce promotional packages Special offers at the moment, helping customers choose the right package for their usage needs

Postpaid Mobifone subscribers


MobiGold is a postpaid package with perfect call quality with 30% cheaper calling rates than normal calling rates, designed to suit people who have to contact a lot and use more than 135 minutes/month.


MobiF is a postpaid package with free monthly subscription fees, helping customers control spending. When the limit is used up, customers can pay/recharge to continue using as prepaid subscribers.

Please get in touch for more information:

Hotline: 0902 435 437



Store all your personal information in a personalized card.

Scan QR code with just one touch to share and save your contact information to partners and customers quickly and conveniently

Scan QR code with just one touch to share and save your contact information to partners and customers quickly and conveniently

Designed with many designs, modern and sophisticated suitable for all industries.

SPECIAL: tailor-made according to the style, preferences and needs of customers.

mCards includes Personal Cards, Membership Cards, Customer Cards, etc. to meet the needs of all customers in thousands of industries.

Versatile card management system, friendly interface optimizes user experience.

Please contact us for more information
Hotline: 0902.435.437 (Ms. Chau)
Address: 199 Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 17, Phu Nhuan District, City. Ho Chi Minh