Digital Marketing Agent Recruitment

tuyển dụng
1.1 Information
– Position: Staff
– Experience: More than 1 year experience
–  Type of work: Full-time, fixed
– Graduating from college or higher
– Requirement gender: Male
– Quantity to be recruited: 1 candidate
– Probation period: 2 months
– Industry: Marketing – PR
– Field: Digital Marketing
1.2 Job Description
– Planning, analyzing and implementing promotional campaigns and building company’s brand through Digital Marketing tools (SEO/SEM, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Online Advertising)
– Understand the technical regulations of each digital channel to optimize content, images and advertising quality & optimize costs.
Monitor and optimize advertising campaigns, spend and conversion rate manage budget and costs for digital marketing.
– Planning and implementing advertising communication activities for the company’s products on advertising channels, managing advertising budget.
– Propose options or implement the development of advertising channels to increase sales performance.
– Deploy, measure, analyze & optimize the necessary metrics of performance campaigns on Google and FB platforms of company products.
– Coordinate with other departments to carry out the work under the direction of the Board of Directors.
– Report on advertising/marketing communication results: FB, GG, YouTube… by period (week, month, quarter, year) or by program/campaign.
1.3 Job Requirements
– Always be creative and look for ideas to promote successfully and professionally.
– Combined with Trade, design and convey the right message according to TPB’s requirements and complete the goal according to the requirements of the department.
– Build and strictly follow the brand identity guidelines to unify the brand in the minds of customers.
– Proficient in Digital Marketing channels and tools (Social Media, Google Adwords, Email Marketing, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, SEO/SEM…)
– Proficient in office software (Word, Excel, Power Point …)
– Enthusiastic, hardworking, careful, agile
1.4 Benefits enjoyed
– Have the right to propose suggestions to bring about work efficiency and brand.
– To be provided with labor tools to serve the job.
– Working in a sociable, fun, enthusiastic and dynamic environment.
1.5 Profile included
– Job application.
– Curriculum vitae.
– Household registration, identity card and health certificate.
– The relevant qualifications.

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