DT24.VN Joint Stock Company is one of the pioneering companies in the field of real estate investment, trading and consulting in Vietnam since 1996.

With experience in the real estate market and the Vietnamese economy, DT24.VN has a deep understanding of the real estate industry and the Vietnamese economy, which is a huge strength, affirming and enhancing the role and position of DT24.VN in the real estate market.


Pioneering in activities, new models and real estate services in Vietnam. Become a reliable and professional partner of businesses and investors. Optimize customer satisfaction, benefits, functionality and trust.


Providing comprehensive, high-quality and perfect real estate solutions for customers. Uphold standards of business ethics and social responsibility. Create more added value for customers. Enhance sustainable return on investment for shareholders. Proud to contribute to the prestigious and successful Vietnamese real estate market.


Always keeping the top reputation, DT24.VN is committed to fully comply with the provisions of the law and the principles of social ethics. We ensure the trust of customers, partners and shareholders.


With a professional working style and a dynamic and enthusiastic staff, DT24.VN always provides customers with comprehensive and useful real estate solutions. Our diverse and rich products and services will diversify the choices of all customers.

Apartments, townhouses, villas, offices

Urban real estate

Water park, thrill ride, zoo

Entertainment real estate

Solar energy, electric power, wind energy

Energy real estate

Tourist areas, resorts, hotels, scenic spots, historical sites

Resort real estate

Assembly workshop, factory

Industrial Park real estate

Seaport, river port, warehouse

Logistic real estate

Bridges, roads, sewers, electricity, stations

Infrastructure real estate

Traditional agriculture, high-tech agriculture

Agricultural real estate

Natural forest land, afforestation land, production forest land, protection forest land

Forest real estate

Aquaculture farm

Fishery real estate