dự án càng long 1
Location of project Cang Long, Tra Vinh

1. Location: Hamlet Ha, Dai Phuoc Commune, Cang Long District, Tra Vinh Province
Google Map location: https://goo.gl/maps/D9X9KZCd6jwt1XD16
2. Acreage: 17.000m2
3. Purpose of land use: Residential land, land for growing wet rice, land for growing perennial crops
4. Term of land use: 7/2046
5. Origin of land use: The Government allocates land without collecting land use fee.
6. Current state:
– Raw land
– About to merge into the city
8. Legal: Certification of right to use
9. Transfer form: Notarized name transfer
10. Transfer price: 2.5 billion/1,000m2 (2.5 million/m2)
11. Attach documents:
– Locate
– Land location map
– Certificate of land use right

dự án Càng Long
Perspective drawing of Project Cang Long, Tra Vinh